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This case study focuses on the development of attitude determination and control systems (ADCS) for satellites. The goal is to analyze and implement various technologies and techniques to ensure the correct attitude point relative to the Earth's position. The study involves multiple projects and areas of research within the satellite industry.



Figure : Fast Affordable Science and Technology Satellite - Huntsville (FASTSAT-HSV).. read more.


Publish Papers

Capó-Lugo, Pedro A., and Rakoczy, John,

“Fuzzy Dipole Moment Control Law”,

Acta Astronautica, June 2019,

Capó-Lugo, Pedro A., Rakoczy, John, and Sanders, Devon,

“The b-dot Earth average magnetic field”,

Acta Astronautica, Vol. 95, PP. 92-100, February-March 2014.

DeKock, Brandon, Sanders, Devon, VanZwieten, Tannen, and Capó-Lugo, Pedro, Design and Integration of an All-Magnetic Attitude Control System for FASTSAT-HSV01’s Multiple Pointing Objectives, 2011 AAS Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Breckenridge, Colorado in February 4 – February 9, 2011, Paper No. AAS 11-034.



• Cubesatellite Robotics (CuBot)... read more.

Small Satellite Hardware Development

• Electromagentic Torquers

◦ Lead the design of a series of print circuit boards (PCB) to perform small satellite attitude determination from a single board. read more.


Cubesat Demonstration for Micro-propulsion system

Figure 5: Solid Propulsion Small Satellite... read more.


Auroral Research Complex

• Use system engineering techniques to generate the technical documentation required for the proposal and mission planning effort. read more.


Book on Formation Flying Satellites

• The authors have more than 54 years of practical real- world experience and attempt to encompass this experience

in the chapters and suggested problems. read more.

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